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JUMANJI: THE MOBILE GAME is, as the name suggests, the official video game of the new Jumanji movie staring Dwayne Johnson. And just like you might imagine, you get to play a virtual board game. But not just any board game, the Monopoly version!

Gameplay in JUMANJI: THE MOBILE GAME is practically identical to the Monopoly one, except that the board is a lot smaller and only two players can participate in each round. The rounds last about five minutes and your objective is to bankrupt your opponent.

One of the main differences between JUMANJI: THE MOBILE GAME and the traditional Monopoly game is that you can use special cards. You can pick up these cards little by little to perform sneaky actions like straight up stealing money from your opponent or moving to another spot.

JUMANJI: THE MOBILE GAME is a really fun virtual board game that adapts the basic gameplay of the Monopoly game so you can play shorter, frantic and super entertaining rounds. The game also includes great visuals and extraordinary character designs.
By Erika Okumura

Android 4.1 or greater is required

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